How much does a Papilio Kitchen cost?

We often get asked how much our kitchens cost, to which we usually respond we are highly competitive within the bespoke kitchen market. The reality is that unlike the majority of kitchen suppliers, who claim to be bespoke or handcrafted, we truly are bespoke and every kitchen cabinet is made by hand to suit your specific requirements, so each project needs to be priced individually based on individual requirements.

The best way to indicate what your Papilio kitchen may cost is to showcase some of our favourite kitchens with a breakdown of the costing.

The greatest price differences generally relate to finishes and client requirements for appliances. The cost of the cabinets or carcasses remain relatively stable but it’s the finishes that make our bespoke offering really exciting and also allows us to fit into different budgets.

Scandinavian Kitchen

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One of our smaller kitchen installations was the very vibrant and truly individual Scandinavian kitchen, this is without doubt one of my favourite kitchens we’ve ever had the pleasure of designing. We certainly didn’t compromise with finishes to achieve these amazing results but carefully selected materials to fit the budget.

The Scandinavian kitchen is the perfect example of how to create the affordable, luxury bespoke kitchen of your dreams without the big price tag. One of the best ways to keep within a budget is to make clever decisions in the appliance schedule.

For the Scandinavian kitchen, we used less expensive integrated appliance and then increased the budget for the appliances which were on display; we even stretched to 2 luxury appliances, a Quooker tap and a Siemens downdraft extractor, these appliances are highlighted in red below, you can see how replacing these appliances with less expensive alternatives would dramatically reduce the budget further.

We also selected a stainless-steel work surface to keep the budget down, although this is not the cheapest of materials it is certainly in the less expensive end of options in the world of worktops and with a little care it looks stunning. We really love the way that the stainless-steel hob sit seamlessly with the worktops. The final touch was the use of discrete LED lighting integrated into the furniture, this lifts the kitchen and the pools of light, not only functional, but also create an opulent feel within the environment.

Kitchen costs:

Cabinets, island and shelf £17,600
Installation & delivery £1,000


Worktop & Cladding costs:

Stainless steel worktops and side panel £2,600

Appliance costs:

Stainless steel sink by Caple £339
Quooker fusion Tap £1,150
Siemens downdraft extractor £1,155
Siemens integrated double oven £669
Beko integrated dishwasher £230
Beko Integrated Fridge £339
Smeg Gas hob £500


All prices are excluding VAT

The Chef’s Kitchen

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The opposite end of the size spectrum would be the Chefs kitchen, the room measured a staggering 17 meters in length and 5 meters in height. Set within a cluster of barns with incredible views across the Somerset countryside, this uber contemporary kitchen was made up of 50% timber and 50% Corian.

In this example, no expense was spared on the appliances or the finishes but you will notice that the cabinet costs were still very competitive and that ultimately the kitchens final price tag was due to the lavish finishes and high end appliances.

Kitchen costs:

Cabinets 3 islands and oven wall £22,400
Installation & delivery £1,500


Worktops & Cladding costs:

Corian worktops & upstands £4,300
Corian cladding on islands £6,700
Corian cladding on full height cabinets £2,700


Appliance costs:

Gaggenau integrated Oven x 2 £5,144
Gaggenau plumbed Steam Oven £3,300
Gaggenau Zoneless induction £3,390
Gaggenau warming drawer £1,200
Seimens dishwasher x 2 £1,700
Seimens integrated fridge £933
Stainless steel sink by frankee £450
Quooker Fusion tap £1,150
Seimens downdraft extractor £1,155


All prices are excluding VAT

Two unique kitchens, completely bespoke, absolute one offs made to exacting requirements and specifications. Please contact us if you would like more information about our design and manufacturing process.