How much does a Papilio Kitchen cost?

We often get asked how much our kitchens cost, to which we usually respond we are highly competitive within the bespoke kitchen market. The reality is that unlike the majority of kitchen suppliers, who claim to be bespoke or handcrafted, we truly are bespoke and every kitchen cabinet is made by hand to suit your specific requirements, so each project needs to be priced individually based on individual requirements.

The best way to indicate what your Papilio kitchen may cost is to showcase some of our favourite kitchens with a breakdown of the costing.

The greatest price differences generally relate to finishes and client requirements for appliances. The cost of the cabinets or carcasses remain relatively stable but it’s the finishes that make our bespoke offering really exciting and also allows us to fit into different budgets.


Georgian Kitchen

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A tall, slim space with the restrictions of being Grade 1 listed made this Georgian manor house a great candidate for a bespoke kitchen. The beautifully simplistic styling of our cabinets draws your eye to the incredible Calacatta Oro marble and Goose Neck regulator tap on the sink run.

The long narrow island and tall feature wall give the room a greater feeling of width, which is something the room lacks.

Kitchen costs:

Kitchen cabinets, island & Feature wall £30,000
Installation & delivery £3,000
Solid Oak Worktops £2,000
Marble Worktops – prices vary depending upon availability and type


Appliance costs:

Aga DC3M £11,495
Miele KF- 1801 Mastercool £5,852
Waterworks Double Gooseneck regulator – £7,260
Zenduo 415 deep sink £658
Dishwasher G6890 Knock to open £1,529
Miele DA 2690 Extractor £1,461
Zip Tap G4 boiling, chilled & sparkling £1,995


All prices are excluding VAT

Papilio,Interiors of Garden House, North Perrott, TA18 7ST

The Copper Kitchen

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This is one of our favourite kitchens, one that gets mentioned regularly and has even feature in the Sunday Times. All of the cabinet fronts were made from solid timbers and the copper panelling was treated with blow torches to get that incredible almost oily look.

The highlight of this kitchen for me is the recessed trough on the island which is multifunctional the favourite use though is for chilling champagne. We even added some LEDs to the trough for added drama.

Kitchen costs:

Solid Walnut and Solid Oak Kitchen cabinets, island & free-standing cabinets £31,000
Heat treated copper panelling £3,800
Worktops in Neolith £5,000
Copper worktop £2,000
Delivery & Installation £2,000


Appliance costs:

Miele 2 in 1 induction hob £3,299
Miele tall integrated fridge £1,199
Miele wine cooler £1,939
Miele Ovens – clients own
Bespoke copper trough on island £829
Tap and sink – clients own


All prices are excluding VAT

Two unique kitchens, completely bespoke, absolute one offs made to exacting requirements and specifications. Please contact us if you would like more information about our design and manufacturing process.