Georgian Kitchens

With a traditional Georgian kitchen being a simple basement kitchen used by servants, today’s typical Georgian kitchen solutions have a slightly different approach. Contemporary Georgian kitchens include influences from the era by referencing other key characteristics of Georgian rooms; features of symmetry, elegance and a sense of space and light.

A classic Georgian kitchen has painted cabinets in a single colour with a matt finish, typically in a neutral colour such as grey. We understand the importance of using light to change the ambience within a room, something which is also influential to the Georgian kitchen style. We can transform spaces by using well thought out lighting systems that can be controlled at the touch of a button.

By combining elements of the Georgian style with our own contemporary flair we aim to create a timeless and practical kitchen to enhance your space and provide you with a kitchen you want to eat, entertain and relax in for many years to come.

We can also apply the Georgian style to other rooms in the house such as a utility room or panty. Georgian influences translate well to these rooms and we can guarantee you’ll have a bespoke area that is practical, functional and incredibly beautiful too.

Looking for a Georgian style kitchen in your own home? Book in for a consultation with Matt and Stephen and we’ll tell you how we can make your kitchen a space you’ll never want to leave.