Cottage Kitchens

In popular modern culture the term cottage is used in a more general and romantic context and can date from any era but the term is usually applied to pre-modern dwellings. Older, pre-Victorian cottages tend to have restricted height, and often have construction timber exposed, sometimes intruding into the living space. Modern renovations of such dwellings often seek to re-expose timber purlins, rafters, posts etc. which have been covered, in an attempt to establish perceived historical authenticity.

A cottage kitchen should take inspirations from it’s surroundings and act as the heart of any family home, with a cosy and comforting atmosphere. The team at Papilio take much of their inspiration for Cottage Kitchens from the Somerset countryside and as they have done with previous projects such as The Pantry Kitchen and The Marble Kitchen, they like to bring these rural characteristics inside the home too.

Cottage kitchens traditionally contain unique features that need to be accentuated rather than hidden away. We’ll emphasise natural architecture, such as beams, with interesting lighting that can change the ambience of the room at the touch of a button. If a room happens to be long or narrow, as with the space in The Marble Kitchen, we’ll use our expert knowledge to break the room up into different areas and really highlight those cottage features and countryside views.

By integrating other natural materials and neutral colours, we can ensure that your cottage kitchen brings the outside in and provides you and your family with a relaxing, functional space to entertain and socialise in. We’ll even check up on your after work is completed to make sure your cottage kitchen is exactly what you want it to be.

Looking for a cottage kitchen design? Book in for your free consultation with Matt and Stephen of Papilio today and we’ll help you bring your dream kitchen to life.