The Secret Cinema

A multi-functional media room in Somerset with a host on concealed technologies

The real beauty of this space is its multifunctional almost chameleon like features. As apt for relaxing with a book and socialising as it is for watching a movie and throwing a party, taking full advantage of the media room offerings.

At the push of a button this beautiful double aspect room flooded with natural light transforms into cinema; windows are blacked out, lights are dimmed and the a 106 inch cinema screen drops. Hidden behind the stretched fabric panels is an army of high-end speakers and tucked away in a recessed cupboard is all of the high-end Audio Visual kit needed to provide a jaw dropping cinematic experience.

The lighting within this media room in Somerset was of great importance as it is within every media room, here we chose a high-end lighting controller to operate the 9 zones of lighting.

In the corner of the room we also recessed a media storage unit to conceal all of the additional AV equipment required to create an awesome home cinema. A key final addition was the automation of the window blinds, at the push of a button blackout blinds drop so that it can be movie time anytime of the day!