The Bakers Kitchen

A timeless and classic Dorset country kitchen and dining space with contemporary flair

The functionality of this kitchen within a busy family home was as important as the design. Stainless steel takes centre stage; this is a marvellous material with impeccable hygiene and versatility, not surprisingly the material of choice in most professional kitchens. The classic look of the French Range Oven cloaked in stainless steal bridged the gap between contemporary and classic shaker style in this Dorset country kitchen.

The client on this project was a keen baker, so we took this opportunity to indulge the client with the means to bake with the least amount of hassle possible. The island allows for socialising and the kids can get involved with all elements of the bake. Bread dough’s can be kneaded and pastry can be rolled directly onto the stainless steel surface, which is non-stick and remains cool, giving more flexibly to the preparation process. A recessed set of counter top scales discreetly provides a means of quickly checking quantities and the pull-out bin means a swift wipe down afterwards and the country kitchen is tidy.

A larder cupboard made way for the massive American fridge freezer and under counter cabinets providing more than enough storage. A secret draw set within the bank of draws was an excellent way to store the abundance of chefs knives safely away from little hands. Subtle lighting beneath the wall cabinets provided excellent illumination for cooking and when dimmed subtle, atmospheric mood lighting.